Payment on multisite signup with pro-sites and setup fee

Hi, As usual I have scoured the net and this forum for a way to do the wp-signup.php all in one hit creating a custom template such as in (This has been posted on here before and marked as resolved with no visible result I can see) I need to make an initial setup fee. I was thinking to do a paypal payment on registration for the website. And then do the usual upgrade in the account area in pro-sites. I do not want to douse my website in plugins as I have read you can just use the membership plugin and pro-sites plugin at the same time.
Thanks in advance for any help

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    @Dawid Rewak

    Currently not possible to create a seamless single signup page without custom coding, HOWEVER, that's one of the new features being added into the update which is being coded at the moment. Pro Sites is getting a functions and features and graphical overhaul.

    In the mean time I am going to tag the developer @Aaron to see if there is a way round this.


  • Dawid Rewak
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    Beautiful, I am developing my website, trying to make it seamless but I might aswell just leave it. I hope nothing breaks when the new plugin is out. Do you have a rough ETA? If I can work around to have a once off paypal payment (separate from pro-sites) at wp-signup.php registration that would be awesome.
    awaiting Mr @Aaron 's reply :slight_smile:

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Ya we are working on a checkout redesign. The next step after that will be integrating checkout into signup though, it's not easy due to WP's core requirement of requiring email verification before the site is created. It breaks up the signup process.

    Many get by by just using our remove email verification plugin + pay to blog pro sites module. Then they are redirected right away to pay as if it was a checkout step, and their site is useless until then.

    However that doesn't let you add a setup fee. Some use Membership, though that's not very smooth. I think some use Gravity Forms as they have a multisite blog signup ability, and I know you can collect simple payments with it too. Though not sure if you can combine the two.

  • Dawid Rewak
    • Flash Drive

    @Tom Eagles & @Aaron

    when do you think this new version of Pro-Sites would be available?

    I realise this is hard due to wp requirements. I will try and work around these features for now and can implement later. I do need some simple payment method before the user starts their subscription though....Maybe the recurring payments are able to have a bigger first payment? When using a coupon for example, you can lower the first recurring payment...what about making this first amount higher?

  • Tirtha
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I'm not sure if you need Prosites initial payment feature please let me know. I have already created a script with which you can add initial script along with normal monthly price . You can change the Price of setup page from the Admin Panel.
    My Skype Account ID is Tirtharay .

    Please let me know.

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