Payment options at membership2 PRO …. please advice

Hey Support-Team,

currently we are setting up the m2 PRO feature… can’t wait to see it working properly.

We are going to follow the manual precisely but to do everything right we are wondering if you could give a bit more explanation to

Allowed payment gateways

Stripe Single Gateway – Available / Not available

Stripe Subscriptions Gateway – Available / Not available

Well we do understand to select the Single one makes sense if there is only ONE payment and selecting the second one is useful when there are recurring payments.

BUT what happen if we select both option as available for those who have multiple memberships because one content is available for a one-off payment while the other one needs recurring payments.

With other words are those settings for the gateway based and related per user or do they get in action based and related to the content?

Does this question make sense?

Please let us know what’s correct to select and activate in order to avoid any further trouble… ideal would be (for us novices) give us a short simple example we can follow.

Big thanks in advance.



  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey Prinz

    Hi again, I’ll keep this short and simple like you wanted

    1) Stripe Single Gateway – Its for single one time payments

    2) Stripe Subscriptions Gateway – its for recurring billing like monthly subscriptions.

    If you have members in BOTH groups then choose the Stripe Subscriptions Gateway option but specify the correct cost and time period in the individual membership settings.

    The final billing itself is done based on the payment method and membership type.



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