Payment Options & Pay Button

While configuring the Pay Per View plugin it appears that you only have the following three payment options – – available.

Please correct me if I’m wrong however none of these options look like they will be able to achieve what I’m looking for. Ideally I would like for a customer to arrive at the page, purchase the content and then have unlimited access to ONLY the content that they purchased.

When looking at the three options it looks like the the first one is setup to view the content ONE time and the others are for viewing ALL of the content found inside of the site either on a recurring subscription model or a short one time period pass.

Is it possible to setup the first option with an unlimited view time, e.g. 50 years.

My next question has to do with the payment button – If I want to setup a custom layout for this element. Is this possible? Would that involve setting up my elements the way I want and then embedding the proper code around them?

Finally, would it be possible for me to provide a preview video that the customer can watch and then secure the full video through your plug-in? If so, what would be the suggested method of doing this?

Take care and please let me know if you have any questions.