Payment Problem with Directory Plugin

Am I the only one having a problem getting the payment process to work with the Directory Plugin?

This is a fresh WP 3.1 install, and WP Directory is the only plugin.
I'm using the default theme that came with WP Directory

The settings for PayPal have been confirmed accurate.

However, when going to pay for a listing:

Using a credit card results in an error (screen shot attached) -- but I know the paypal settings are correct.
Using paypal, the "product" name being purchased is simply "current purchase" - not accurate. But, I can't purchase with my paypal account, since it's the same account that is the merchant. (Anyone who will spend the $2.99 -- if it works! -- to test this for me, I will refund it immediately)

NOTE: I added a rather lengthy "terms of service" -- could that have caused a problem with the ordering process?

Thanks for the help...