Payment Processing Broken (2nd request for support)


I opened a duplicate request over 6 days ago without reply. I would appreciate a timely reply as this is hindering the client's business.


If a visitor goes to events…view event then clicks on “Register Me”…(if I am logged in)…I get the message “You haven’t paid for this event. Click here to purchase your ticket”. If I click this link (5 days ago it did nothing) and today I am redirected to where I receive a message There are no items in your cart – go add some !
I just clicked on purchase your ticket…that’s the point…I want to buy a ticket.
If I click on “go add some” I am directed to an unformatted page save for two dropdowns and then at the bottom two very unattractive looking events with add to cart options.
Note: What I expect to have happen is when I click on “register me” and then “purchase tickets” I am sent to Paypal.

Note: this process when I first developed the site was flawless. Something in error has been introduced since updating the Events+ plugin._
Please advise. The support mode is turned on.

Please reply.