Payment required Option is inflexible for my needs


I want an OPTIONAL payment; if the client chooses to pay then the appointment is automatically confirmed, if not then it needs manual confirmation.
I'm switching over from Appointy and this is how that product works. In the option list below, Appointy has either a) and b) OR a) and c)

Also, if the client chooses to pay upfront, I want to offer both Set % and Full Amount AT THE SAME TIME.
So basically I want three options on offer:
a) Pay Later (manual confirmation)
b) Pay Set % (automatic confirmation)
c) Pay Full Amount (automatic confirmation)

The client can choose any one option.
Can your product do this? (I don't mind custom code if you tell me what to hack; I am aware I will have to maintain the hack over upgrades).

  • Sumit Kumar

    Hi @Alex,

    Glad to see your curiosity on using this plugin, to your need.

    In a single word, I would say, "Yes, this plugin has that feature for % Payment". You can enable this from the settings menu under Payment Settings of General tab. (screenshot attached).

    Moreover, there's more and better features that this plugin offers, like integrating with "Membership" plugin to restrict payments for appointments from members of higher level. Similarly, integrating with "MarketPress" to enable appointments as product. and so on.

    Please try working for your second option of payment according to the settings I mentioned above. And, Let us know, if this doesn't worked and/or you need further assistance to know this plugin better. :slight_smile:

    Have a nice day.


  • Alex

    Hi Sumit, thank you for replying.
    I think you've misread my post a little. I am aware of the Set % option in Appointments+.
    The way that works, I need to enable Payment required first, which on the surface, seems like the rational thing to do. With my software developer hat on, I would think the same.

    With my business owner hat on, I know I need to be flexible, and take payments in any form and at any time the customer is willing to make them.
    This means, briefly:
    I want to be ABLE to take online payments (both Set % or Full Amount!) even if the Payment required isn't selected. If the customer sees fit to pay online then the appointment is automatically confirmed, if not, there will be manual/offline confirmation.
    I want ALL possible options at booking time :slight_smile:, regardless of whether the customer is logged in or even has an account with us. For my use case it's irrelevant if the customer is a member/is logged in.


  • Sumit Kumar

    Hi again, @Alex,

    Yes, You are right, mite. This isn't currently available here and something out of the scope of this plugin for now.

    However, I did marked your request as a "featured request" and flagged it to our developer team who has worked on this. Lets, see if we can get this in most sooner time of its upcoming releases.

    For now, what I can recommend you is to go with the %payment option, if you think it fits for you. You can search for more other alternative to this!

    Thanks for your query, here. Let us know, if there's anything we can help you with.


  • Alex

    Hmm. I will have to go with Payment NOT required as it does the least damage to my use case.
    I am known to hack my way out of most situations, and while I haven't looked at the codebase, I might be tempted to do that, which is probably a bad idea.

    Do follow up please with your devs, and try to get an ETA - IF it gets into the feature set. I could wait for like 3 months if it does get implemented. Longer than that - I'll either hack the code or stick with Appointy.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kieran,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your +1 here!

    New members for instance have to pay up front whilst existing users have the option to pay later. That would be cool.

    This is actually possible now when combined with Membership :slight_smile:

    You can have users with a membership level pay later while visitors are forced to pay upfront. You can also select which membership levels can pay later.

    Not only that, but you can provide discounts to members too!

    @Alex, as Sumit mentioned earlier on, MarketPress could help with this. Hope you don't mind if I back track a little bit here!

    With MarketPress you can use all the gateways that MarketPress offers, which includes a manual gateway. So you could offer a manual option and a paid option. Then for the percentage off you could try using a workaround with coupons. Or as you mention you are not afraid to hack a few customizations here and there, this method might give you more possibilities to work with :slight_smile:

    Lastly, if it did ever come down to it and you needed the functionality right now then you could hit up our Jobs Board too! (assuming you didn't have time to develop it yourself of course!)

    If you do work on developing this yourself for Appointments+ and you get stuck somewhere then create a ticket and perhaps we can help out with that too :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps guys! Let us know if you have any further questions here.

    Have a great weekend.


  • Kieran

    Hi Tyler

    Are you sure it works like that? Does it just not take payment at all from certain membership levels? I want my regular clients to have the option to pay now online or pay me directly later not just skip the option of paying.

    I'll take another look. Sorry maybe I didn't explain myself properly there. I meant I still want to take payment from regular clients if they want to pay me before hand. :slight_smile:


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kieran,

    Ah, I see what you mean there. I think I might have been the one misunderstanding. It is still possible because they could simply logout and pay in full as a "visitor" or stay logged in and pay later.

    Paying later doesn't mean that it will show as free to them but just that you will need to collect payment from them later - their appointment is auto confirmed.

    Another option here would be to do the MarketPress method mentioned above with manual and paid gateways. If you wanted to hide the manual option from logged out users then you could do that with some CSS like this:

    .mp_cart_payment_methods label:nth-child(2) {
        display: none;
    .logged-in .mp_cart_payment_methods label:nth-child(2) {
        display: block;

    This is if you have 2 gateway options and manual is in the 2nd spot.

    I do realize both these are workarounds and not the exact functionality you're requesting; however, we have that marked up as a feature request :slight_smile:

    just wanted to leave some possible suggestions here in the meantime too.

    Thanks again for your feedback!


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