Payment with DIBS gateway

Is it possible in some way, to integrate Marketpress with DIBS payment gateway?
For those who might not know, DIBS is used widely in Scandinavia, as the preferred gateway for physical + online stores.
I know there's a WordPress plugin for DIBS, but before I use Market press for a specific project coming up, I need to know if (and in that case: how) to intergrate those two... or optionally, if the developers of Marketpress would consider integrating DIBS as a gateway into the Marketpress plugin, as a standard payment option along side PayPal?

Hope very much so... :slight_smile:

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    Hi designlabCPH and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    With the wealth of gateways included with MarketPress, it makes the task of developing your own much simpler. You could also consult the job board to find a developer able to code the gateway if you're not so comfortable with coding one yourself.

    That said, requests such as this are dependent upon community support (ie. how many members request or voice support for a feature). And as such, this thread represents a great place to gauge that!

    Any other +1s on this?

  • Nettpilot
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    Hi there Claire

    I run which made the first DIBS modules for Wordpress. We made DIBS for WP-E-commerce and have lately made some upgrades to DIBS for Woocommerce which was first made by Niklas at

    You are right: DIBS is one of the leading Payment gateways in Scandinavia. But Scandinavians also trust NETS, as they are ganining more and more traction both online and also offline.

    Last summer(in 2012) we had some requests for NETS modules for Wordpress and started up slowly with first WP-E-Commerce, then NETS for Woocommerce.

    For every DIBS request we have we get five for NETS now, per september 2013.

    A few months ago we then made NETS (for Netaxept payment) for Marketpress as we had a request for that.

    You can get it here:

    We will try to include it in MarketPress core files when we have covered our expenses by selling it for those who needs it now. We can't just give it away for free. I hope you understand that.

    We have not made the DIBS for MarketPress yet but we sure knows how to to it within three weeks.

    If you would like us to make DIBS payment for MarketPress we can do that as long as you have a paying customer to cover the expenses and developing time.

    Greetings from Norway.

    Nickolass Jensen, Nettpilot

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