Payout a flat rate not a percentage?

I am having a difficult time understanding how this affiliate plugin works with MarketExpress and Membership.

First, I want to be able to pay a flat rate commission not a percentage, which it does not seem to do.

Second, I want to set a different commission rate per affiliate. Again, it does not appear that I can do that.

Third, I was hoping that Affiliates would allow me to pay commissions using PayPal Bulk Payments.

The overview and details screens for these products don’t seem to explain a whole lot.

I must say that so far I am disappointed in the functionality of these plugins. I had been using WP-Store and WP-Affiliate from Tips and Tricks but, I need an appointment system to sell appointments, which Tips and Tricks does not offer. Appointment+ works great! I just wish I could customize Appointments+ to allow the PayPal return link point to WP-Affilliate.

I am also a bit disappointed these plugins don’t come with documentation as Tip and Tricks products do.

I hope there are some tweeks I can do to get this working the way I want.