PayPal Accounts per Fundraiser?

Is there any opportunity to define the PayPal Email Address per new fundraiser?

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    This isn't currently an option, sorry.

    I can see why sites would love this feature along with chained payments to take commissions.

    The only way around this is with WordPress multisite, basically each site and it's admin would have it's own settings like Paypal, even theme and plugins if you wish.

    I've move this over to our feature request area to see if we can get more member support for this.

    Take care.

  • Pierre
    • New Recruit

    Hello There,

    I am wandering if there any future plans to support the use of a PayPal Email Address per new fundraiser?

    I find this feature kinda essential and I do not understand why this is still not supported. Otherwise this will get very messy (not realistic) in terms of taxes etc.

    Is there a commission feature actually?

    For further explanation I would like to use a form for a user to create a new pledge and in this form the user must write his own paypal address rather then going though this whole multisite workaround.

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    There are no immediate plans.

    As you can see in around two months there has only been the original poster and yourself posting here for this feature.

    Two members out of many, many thousands isn't much in the way of demand for the development of this feature.

    The best way around this right now would be letting each fundraiser have their own site within a WordPress Multisite install. That way they can run and manage their own fundraisers.

    I'm not sure as I've not tested but this might also be something which Gravity or Formidable might be able to achieve.

    Gravity Forms:

    Formidable Pro

    I'm think that they suppor custom post types, so they might be able to fill in the pledges and I know they support Paypal with their addons so it's possible this could be an option but would require more research for you to know for sure.

    Take care.

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