PayPal Adaptive Payments System

Is anyone in the forum familiar with PayPal's Adaptive Payments system?

I am currently using a Wordpress Plugin that allows me to tap that system, but it has some limitations that I quickly hit. I've found ways around some of those limitations, but if someone has another such plugin that they would recommend (or would want to JV on such a plugin), I would love to hear about it.

I currently use WP InstantPay ( but in some ways it's much more than I really need and in some ways it's limited. I am currently looking around to see if there are other options for the solutions I'm providing.

Never hurts to always be looking around to see what's available.

Thanks in advance.

James Dunn
Athens, GA USA

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey James.

    I know of a fantastic plugin which uses Paypal Adaptive payments aka chained payments. Its our MarktPress plugin:


    You can have people signup to sub sites, have their own shop and pay you a commission through the power of adaptive payments :slight_smile:

    Have a play and see what you reckon to MarketPress. It was one of the main reasons that I signup to a subscription when I was a member :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Goodday @Annabelle

    I've got lots of good news on this situation now. I had actually started writing and testing my own script to accomplish all of this and I had it all working except for the return from PayPal - I wasn't sure what to do with the return information or what to return so I was studying that portion of it between other projects.

    Sometimes things happen for a reason and this is one of those situations. I discovered TWO solutions within a week of each other. Which one you would like to use depends upon what you want to accomplish, how sophisticated a system you need, and how much you want to pay.

    Option #1


    DigiBilly is a full function system that is a payment processor (through PayPal), product sales page host, product delivery system, and even an affiliate system. I was very impressed with the system and how well it works. It is actually built by the same person that developed the WP Instant Pay system that I was originally using, but it will allow you to split the money among as many as five entities with DigiBilly being the sixth entity.

    Positives: You can run an entire sales process from DigiBilly.
    It's a solid platform that has been tested and works
    The developer provides excellent support - I've worked with him on many occasions and he never fails to deliver
    Your products can be listed in their "marketplace" so you may pick up affiliates that you have never even directly attempted to bring in - similar to ClickBank, MooshPay, or JVZoo.

    Negatives: It's not as flexible as you may need for your application. For me, it would work, but I really wanted more flexibility and control
    It's not cheap. The developer states that he's trying to be competitive with other providers, and he is if you are not turning a lot of business. Plus, he will consider reduces expenses as you increase your sales.
    You cannot hide the fact that you are using DigiBilly. The Buy button has it all over it and once they go to the payment system it has DigiBilly stamped all over. It's kind of like when you buy a product listed on ClickBank, MooshPay, or JVZoo - it's on everything that you do during the transaction

    Option #2

    EZ Chain Payments

    EZ Chain Payments is a much less sophisticated system, but it is also the most flexible. While DigiBilly is a fully functioning system, EZ Chain is very simply a Payment Button generator that handles the PayPal Adaptive Payments process. When you sign up at EZ Chain, you put in the Verified PayPal Email Addresses of each payee (accounts must be verified accounts or they will not work) with the first one listed being the receiver that all buyers see. You can designate a specific dollar amount to go to each of them or one of them, a percentage going to each, or a combination going to different entities. You can also designate one of the payees as a "all remaining" recipient.

    Positives: It's very flexible. You can control every aspect of the split and set it up as you would like.
    It's very inexpensive. The least expensive transaction will only cost you $0.05
    You can use it anywhere that you can control the Buy button. This system generates a code for a buy button and you just copy and paste the code. If you want a different image for the buy button, just substitute the URL for your desired image and it will show up.
    No one every knows that you are using EZ Chain for your payment system.

    Negatives: It takes a little more work on your part to make this work.
    You are responsible for your product delivery
    You have to plan where your buyer returns after the payment is completed
    You have to plan where your buyer returns if they abandon the payment process before completion

    Regardless, for my client's situation, we are using EZ Chain Builder (along with a couple of other tools that are not currently available to the public) and it works super slick. Hopefully anyone reading this post looking for a method to handle Adaptive Payments will find this useful.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

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