Paypal Advanced with Recurring Payment Option

Ok, so wondering if I can use a Paypal Advanced plan with the Membership plugin?

The Paypal gateway option says express...

Here's the rub if Membership only supports Paypal Express:
A buyer must have -or be willing to create- a Paypal account. While Paypal is common, not everyone will either have, want to create, or want to use their Paypal. Perhaps the credit card they want to pay with is a business card which is not connected to - and never will be - their Paypal account.

Paypal Advanced offers the option of just straight credit card payment - no paypal account in the mix.

Lastly, w/o the Recurring payments option, Paypal will NOT process recurring payments for subscriptions purchased using a credit card. It will only auto bill/renew if the user opted to go through their Paypal account...