Paypal application ID/registration for Fundraise plugin

Hi there, a number of tutorials on this forum suggest that there is a way to sign up for paypal through a tutorial available here:

But this site is not working. Can you please post detailed instructions on getting through the paypal application? Here are some highlights I'm looking for:

-what makes a good title and description or are these anything we want?
-select from use case: crowdsourcing/disbursements?
-services used by app: basic payments->checkout/send money/parallel payments?
-services used by app: preapprovals->one time payments
-one time payments->how should i describe preapproval terms?
-what makes a good acceptable use policy and where should i put it?
-who is responsible for chargebacks or refunds - what should i enter?
-Invoicing->testing information - what should I enter in "step by step payment flow instructions?"
-what is test url (if applicable) and where do I get "test account user name and password?"
-should i upload a certificate of incorporation?