PayPal Chained Payments flow question

Hi all,

Can anyone explain to me exactly how the pay flow of the PayPal Chained Payments is supposed to be? Who's logo or store name should buyers be seeing above the PayPal checkout/payment page?

I've set up a PayPal Developer App and API following the instructions and it has been approved. At the Apps "Chained Payments" section, I have set the following options:
- The payments to secondary receivers are: Instant
- Who pays the fee? Primary receiver
- Who is the primary receiver? Individual store owners
- Who is (are) the secondary receiver(s)? Me, the marketplace owner

Still, at checkout my (me, the marketplace owner's) logo is shown instead of the individual store owner's logo/name.

Did I do something wrong or did I misunderstand the whole concept of Primary and Secondary Receiver?

Thanks for any insights :slight_smile: