PayPal configuration. More plugin documentation somewhere?

Was wondering if you have more documentation than the one page. I'm specifically working on the PayPal integration and want to know:

1) Can I only have things configured for Sandbox or Live at a time?

2) Assuming just one or the other, how do you suggest testing the setup.

I do have the IPN and API's configured and have my sandbox accounts....

  • jwlambert

    Hi Tom. I guess I need to check my spam folder as I didn't get an email when this was answered. I was talking ProSites. I figured, given the screen design, that it was either you're running in Sandbox mode or Live. Thanks

    I don't know as I'll use the merchant features as I got further into it. I wanted my flow to be that someone would sign up and pay for a given level and then I would create their site.... But it appears the user needs to create a site first and then use the upgrade button. Unless I'm missing something. I also was hoping that I could set it up like the WPMUDev service where PayPal actually creates a flat fee item and a recurring subscription item but think that's outside of this plugin's capability, right?

    So, since you hadn't answered it, I'm assuming the only documentation for this plugin is the one online page, yes?



  • Tom Eagles


    Prosites handles that actually it creates a subscription but will be the same rate as the flat fee.

    The user can register and not create a site or create a site at sign up time. If they select the go pro they will be able to select the plan at sign up. Normally its best to offer a short free membership to give them a taste of what they can get.

    We are working on the documentation but its pretty straightwforward UI wise. But if you get stuck feel free to ask away.



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