paypal connection problems/chained payments

I have a multisite network using marketpress 2.83 and TT Frontend marketpress. I have an approved app ID from paypal for chained payments and the live credentials. I already tested in the sandbox successfully. When I do a live test purchase, I use a non related (not one connected to me in any way) paypal email address as primary receiver(network store) I have tried doing a test purchase from both a logged in user and a non logged in customer and always get the paypal error code There was a problem connecting to PayPal to setup your purchase. Please try again.

550001 – User is not allowed to perform this action

I have contacted paypal several times and they have assured me that my app Id and live credentials are ok. The application is conditionally approved. Even so, paypal has stated that my credentials are ok for my request of using chained payments.

I was told my after my approval came through to put my live credentials not only in the live area of network settings but also in the sandbox credential boxes. I have tried making a test purchase with my live credentials in the sandbox credential area and have tried with the actual sandbox credentials in sandbox. I have received the same error code regardless. Which is the correct procedure?

Paypal has asked me to give them the raw api data from the request and response to investigate further. I don’t know how to do that. I understand there is some code to add to get the raw data but unsure of exact code and where exactly to put it? What could be the reason I keep getting the error code and no connection to paypal? and How can I retrieve the raw api data to give to paypal for their investigation?

One other related question about multisite and chained payments. My main site will not be participating in selling items and will not need a seller paypal address in the store settings. Do I leave this blank or will that cause problems? What about the setting of live vs. sandbox? How should it be set if anything? I have tried all scenarios and I still get the usual can’t connect to paypal errors.

Thank you