PayPal Express and Membership

We're setting up a BP site with Membership and have a little problem with PayPal Express.

In the Sandbox site goes great, altough it send to the "pending" zone all transactions, but users get upgraded and everything. The only problem is that when we use the live site, it simply doesn't work.

I mean: PayPal gets the money, send de auth and... then nothing. Membership doesn't get the transaction, doesn't upgrade the user...

Do we have to configure "something special" on PayPal? Where do we check the IPNs? We're using Membership 105 and BP127+WP304.


  • Barry
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    IPN error messages are within PayPal - check the profile - IPN section and there should be a link there.

    If you view the source of your subscription page, when the subscribe buttons are showing, have a look at the form and see if you can see a hidden field with a name like "notification_url" - copy the value of that field and paste it into a browser window and let us know what comes up.

  • zech4_6
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    I just came upon this topic and having the same problem. I found the 'notify_url' in my source code and came up with this when I put it in a browser window:

    Error: Missing POST variables. Identification is not possible.

    What does that mean? I get members active but no membership level connected and also found the transaction was 'pending'


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