PayPal Express Checkout Errors

API settings in place. 'Live' mode selected.

Seems that after first try upon re-saving API settings, I get a white screen with 'you need to have at least one layout' on it, top left hand corner.

If I back up and click my Continue Checkout button again, I get "There was a problem connecting to PayPal to setup your purchase. Please try again" in a pink box on my Checkout page.

Seems to have become broken since the upgrade to latest version. Saw one advice to downgrade the plugin, tried that with no change. Going to put it back to latest shortly.

Spent hours on WPMU reading related threads, but when I get the PayPal error in the pink box, I'm not getting error code numbers to research, just the message quoted above. Is there an error log somewhere else for the plugin?

Do we know how I can verify that PayPal is seeing my 'live' status? With MarketPress, do we only have to toggle this to 'live,' or do we have to make setting changes in PayPal also?

Upon initial installation, it worked, but sometime since, and with the plugin update in between, my client noticed that it stopped working.

I will have to bail on MP soon if I can't resolve this.

Thank you for your assistance.