Paypal Express Free Subscription Option

Currently, I have three (3) access levels (and therefore subscriptions) on a site. Two are paid, one is free. The plugin works as expected for the paid accounts, however, when I try to sign up as a Free Account (free access level), the plugin will create the account but it does not assign the proper roles.

I've tried the suggestions found in this prior thread, and it doesn't seem to be working properly.

Describing the problem further, when I sign up for a free account using the plugin, the user account is created and can be found in Membership > All Members. On the All Members page, I notice a Subscription and Membership Level is not set. If I manually set a subscription, the roles and rules work fine. It's just that the plugin, on the front end, doesn't auto assign the subscription upon sign up.


In addition, once a user signs up using PayPal (using the sandbox right now), are they supposed to be redirected back to the site logged in?