paypal express recurring payment cycle


I was just looking through the emails that Paypal (express) sends and noticed that the email relating to the automatic payment profile states clearly that it is an ‘automatic payment profile’, and then gives the following details:

Amound to be paid each time: £xxx

Billing cycle: Yearly

Payments stop after cycle: 1

does anyone know why the payments stop after cycle 1 (first year). I thought it was a recurring payment until the customer cancelled the payment with the customer or paypal. My wp and plugins are all up-to-date

many thanks for any advice


  • Kimberly
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    Hi Al!

    Thanks for being a WPMU Member, great to see you in the forums!

    Make sure you have your membership mode selected in each membership level underneath Membership> Membership Subscriptions

    If you have it set to serial then it will expire at the end of the term you set but automatically renew.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:



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