PayPal gateway issues for recurring payments

Hi there!

My customers are having difficulty setting up recurring payments with Paypal and I’m wondering if I have done something wrong in the setup of my payment gateway.

I have tried the ‘PayPal Single Payments Gateway’ for single payments and this works perfectly. No problems with that.

When I try to use ‘PayPal Express Gateway’ my customers receive the following message from PayPal when they try and pay:

“The PayPal site is currently experiencing technical difficulties with our credit card processor. We are working to solve this problem as quickly as possible. If you would like to Send Money, please fund your payment with your PayPal balance, PayPal Credit or bank account. If you would like to use your credit card, please return to the PayPal website later to complete your transaction. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

This has been happening for weeks. I’ve tried contacting PayPal, but their whole support system (and website) is very confusing.

I was hoping someone here has had this same problem and could tell me where I’m going wrong and exactly what I need to make this work.

Here are some details on my current PayPal account and setup:

– PayPal Business account (It’s a basic business account. I’m not paying for any extra services)

– Payment solution for my account is set to ‘PayPal Express Checkout’ (to match my gateway choice in the membership plugin – is this correct?)

I’d like my customers to be billed automatically every 30 days. In order to do this, do I need to pay for any extras on the PayPal side of things? Do I need to pay for their ‘Website Payment Pro’ service?

As I said before, their site is very confusing. But I was under the impression that I could use PayPal Express Checkout as a payment solution for recurring payments.

Hope you can help. I absolutely love the membership plugin, I just hope there is a simple solution for PayPal!