Paypal. I think I have messed up my paypal settings in the Prosite plugin.

I setup the paypal settings in the Prosite Settings but when I click on a subscription package it sends me back to my monsterblog site instead of going to Paypal. I have entered the paypal configuration settings etc and setup a sandbox account too but I think I have messed up. I tried to delete the Prosite plugin and start all over after re-installing, but my previous settings were still in place.

In the Payment Receipt settings it says 'You must include the "PAYMENTINFO" code which will be replaced with payment details.' What does that mean and what should be entered into there if anything?

Further, in the Email Notifications, such as: Pro Site Signup, Pro Site Canceled, Payment Receipt, Expiration Email and Payment Problem there is pre-configured text inside each of those...I may have messed up inside those by deleting and adding my own site address? Could that be the area and reason/s why my site is not going to paypal test mode?

Looking forward to your reply.


Peter Sweeney

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there Peter,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    Sounds like it's in a loop somehow, the email notification settings, wouldn't effect this :slight_smile:

    Could you paste your .htaccess file here please and if possible grant me support access in WPMU DEV dashboard > support > support access > grant access :slight_smile:

    For the PAYMENTINFO you just add that to the notification and it'll automatically be replaced with all the payment information :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • peter
    • Flash Drive

    Hi again and thanks for your reply. I tried to find the answer on the live support plugins but ran out of time.
    You ask for my .htaccess file but I do not know which one to send.
    My paypal subscription button is still taking me back to my site page instead of going to the paypal page.
    Help needed on this as cannot progress any further until this is resolved.


    Peter Sweeney

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