Paypal in Sandbox

Ok. I've made categories, I've enabled the add-ons for the paypal gateways. I've created a button in the paypal *sandbox* I really want to test this in the sandbox first. But now I'm stuck.

My signup page does not show the paypal buttons. I don't know how to add them in.
When I go to Edit Gateways, I'm not sure which Paypal addon or gateway I should use or how to edit once I'm in there. The screen looks different from what Sibhoan has in her tutorial.

  • DavidM

    Hi mvanorshoven,

    A few things have changed with recent updates to the plugin so while I look at getting the instructions page re-updated, I'll be happy to clarify any of these things for ya!

    The PayPal Express - with Subscriptions gateway is the most commonly used and it creates a subscription in PayPal to match the subscription on your site. PayPal then manages the subscription on their end and Membership can still interact with that.

    PayPal Express - with Single Payments does not create a subscription in PayPal but lets Membership handle the subscription itself. This allows for more flexibility and you can very easily make changes to subscriptions yourself, like price changes.

    Having the subscription in PayPal is helpful for those accustomed to using PayPal to manage their subscriptions. As far as I can see, that's the main advantage of the Subscriptions gateway.

    You'll just need to active one of those from Membership > Add-ons, then configure and Activiate it at Membership > Payment Gateways.

    In case you haven't already, you'll need to also Activate and Make Public your Subscription Plans, so that they'll be selectable in the registration process.

    Could you have a look at those items and let us know how it goes?


  • DavidM

    We're actually working on some guides to make this whole process easier actually and recently had our instructions page updated (though something odd occurred so we're getting that sorted and will have it updated again shortly).

    I'm guessing you got the invalid test period issue sorted, it has to do with your Subscription Plan's setup and if you're still experiencing issues with that one, we'll be happy to see how we can help if you'll provide a screenshot of the settings for that Subscription Plan.

    Also, you'll want to activate the Free gateway as well. I didn't realize you'd have a free level so I didn't mention that earlier but you'll need that active in order for the free level button to show.

    There's not a way to do a drop-down, apart from custom development, currently.


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