PayPal IPN and Stripe webhook errors


I’m having an issue on my site where I’m getting failing webhook messages from Stripe, and IPN issues from Paypal.

I run a WordPress website that offers a monthly membership, which is handled using Wishlist Member. Users can pay using either PayPal or Stripe.

The initial payment works fine, but I am receiving errors from PayPal when the user comes up to their second payment (because it’s recurring), which says that the IPN fails.

I’m also getting a similar error from Stripe, saying that the webhook has failed with a 302 error.

I think this is happening because both PayPal and Stripe are sending data back to a specific URL on my website, and that URL is being redirected somewhere else.

The URL mentioned in the Stripe webhook and PayPal is:

It is then redirected to this page:

I think this redirection is causing issues with both Stripe and PayPal.

My question is, how can I turn off this redirection? And how can I prevent these errors from happening?