PayPal IPN is giving a 404 error and rerouting customer to subscription page

OK, so I created a test subscription for $1 to be able to test the entire payment/subscription system.

The payment goes through, the money is deposited, but then the customer is re-routed to the subscription page.

The member profile account is created, but there is no subscription attached to it.

When I check my IPN history, I get these information:
Message ID2CF26138J7828222N

Date/time created9/9/2014 12:50 PDT


Latest delivery attempt date/time9/9/2014 13:32 PDT

Notification URL

HTTP response code 404

Delivery statusRetrying

No. of retries9

Transaction ID6FC548646X2609412

IPN typeTransaction made

transaction_subject=TEST&payment_date=12:49:49 Sep 09, 2014 PDT&txn_type=subscr_payment&subscr_id=I-FN80WHCSPHF3&last_name=Bolton&residence_country=US&item_name=TEST&payment_gross=1.00&mc_currency=USD& Christine&payer_id=GE9DS23N2PRBW&receiver_id=U8J89QH8MBZ3S&item_number=4&payment_status=Completed&payment_fee=0.33&mc_fee=0.33&mc_gross=1.00&custom=1410292152:6:4:c5ef10c74a192af1d9f897e98549e766:0&charset=windows-1252&notify_version=3.8&ipn_track_id=3924b64784e03

I've tried changing the Permalinks (they were set to post not custom). I'm on the latest versions of Wordpress, Membership, etc.

Thank you for any help!