PayPal IPN issues, BlueHost, Fundraising, Progress Meter not Updating


I have scoured this forum for an answer to no avail.

I thought I had found the fix earlier dealing with an apostrophe in the title of the Fundraising campaign, but that ultimately didn't help.

Okay - people can donate.
I receive email notification from PayPal that someone donated and the account increases accordingly. Everything is working just fine there.

However, my progress bar does not update.
The Pledges do not auto-update.
People are given the typical "Sorry, your pledge hasn't been logged. Checked back later...etc, etc" type of response after donating.

I have my PayPal IPN set to the proper URL:

IPN is turned on, I am LIVE.

I am hosted by BlueHost.

As I said, I've checked every single thread on here regarding payment, auto-updating, PayPal, and IPN and nothing has resolved my issue.

I would be more than happy to offer log-in credentials to someone that could assist me.


  • truth_is_treason__net
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    I have read that thread several times prior to posting my issue. I'm not sure what that kid was talking about.

    I'm not running SSL, don't need to.

    And I'm not using any plugins to make the Fundraising plugin work; that's seems counter-productive seeing as how I paid $19 for this plugin to work.

    All of my IPN history on PayPal looks fine. Showing a 200, and all of the code shows that's everything is working on PayPal's end. I receive all of my donator's info; name, address, donation amount, etc.

    It's simply not getting that info back to my site via the Fundraising plugin and the progress bar does not update.

    Donators are returned to my site after donating but getting that typical error saying their donation may take a few mins to log. Check back later.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings Hayden,

    Thank you for letting us know and for sharing your thoughts and more details from the other post, it is a great help.

    Are you running a Windows based computer?

    Are there any error logs in the root folder of your hosting account?

    Are there any errors in your web hosting error logs?

    Does your host use cPanel?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • truth_is_treason__net
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    I am on a Windows computer, yes.

    My host, BlueHost, does use cPanel.

    My web hosting error logs show all errors encountered for every single website hosted on my particular server. There are pages and pages generated every single minute. There is no logical way for me to check for errors in real-time when I receive a random donation.

    No error logs in my root folder, either. None that I can find, anyway.


  • aecnu
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    Greetings Hayden,

    Thank you for your additional input which is greatly appreciated.

    I would happily go through all the tickets related to this issue pointing out that they ALL have one thing in common - Blue Host.

    It's simply not getting that info back to my site via the Fundraising plugin and the progress bar does not update.

    It is my opinion that they are blocking the IPN's as demonstrated by many other Members hosting with Blue Host and I am interested in proving once and for all that it is indeed them or it is the strangest phenomenon of all time that every single instance of this exact issue has Blue Host only as the common denominator.

    If you are game I am willing to transfer the site EXACTLY how it is to another server and have you run a test to see if indeed this issue persists.

    Otherwise we are at a road block and if indeed I am right and this is Blue Host themselves, we will be chasing our tails doing anything more.

    Please advise if you are ready to try this or else I will certainly call in the lead developer for you folks to try to work it out.

    Cheers, Joe

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