PayPal IPN


I installed plugin on clients website and client received this email from PayPal:

I received once more an email from paypal related to their instant payment notifications.

The main part of the email which I signaled says:

Please, check the server that takes care of your instant payment notifications from PayPal (IPN). The IPN sent to the folloing URL ara failing:


If you do not recognize this URL, it is possible that you are using a service provider who is using the IPN in your name. Please contact your services provider with this info. If this problem continues, it is possible that we will deactivate the IPN for your account

I find that this may be related to a previous email I got from paypal a couple of days ago notifying they were doing some maintenances which could affect APIs.

As per their email, This actions would be going during April 19th to April the 20th

(I’m translating from their email) … during this period may be your clients won’t be able to complete their transactions. Our servers will keep working in order to allow payments processes always as it would be possible.

Reconfiguring API/firewall

We want to remember you about being sure your firewalls are prepared for accepting visits traffic acter our upgrades.

• If you specify your PayPal IP addresses on your named API and/or on your firewall preferences, you will need to reconfigure your IP addresses after our upgrade. Here you will find the actual listings:

º Direcciones IP de los servidores de PayPal

º Direcciones IP de los servidores de las cuentas Sandbox de PayPal

• If you need help for configuring your IP addresses changes or having any doubt about the upgrade yu can contact our support team equipo de asistencia técnica para el vendedor.

Please advise to what this means and how do I correct this issue. Thanks.