PayPal payment after appointment has been confirmed cannot be canceled with the cancel button

I have set up the Appointments+ Plugin for a client with the PayPal payment option. The client is just using PayPal standard so we do not have PayPal IPN set up. It appears that the user must select the "Confirm" button, and then a "Pay $XX" button appears.

Couple questions:

1. Once the user clicks "Confirm" and the "Pay $XX" button appears, if the user then clicks the "Cancel" button, it does not cancel their appointment. Is this the intended behavior or did I set this up incorrectly?

2. Is it possible to have just one button instead of a "Confirm" and also a "Pay" button? It would seem to make sense to me to just have a "Confirm and Pay $XX" which would take the user directly to PayPal. If this is not currently an option, is it something you'd consider in a future release?

Many thanks,