Paypal Payments Skipped email using Pro Sites


I am using Pro Sites with a PayPal gateway and have recently recieved 2 emails from PayPal the the reoccurring payment was skipped for 2 of my users. I noticed that this withdraws their ProSite status and turns off their site. Does anyone have experience with this, and if they correct the payment problem with the ProSite plugin automatically turn the site back on with Pro status?



  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for the post.

    any ideas what the payment problem was?

    if a recurring payment was cancelled, then they would have to re-subscribe. but yes their site would become available again, the site is registered with that user as the blog owner, so as soon as payment is received via paypal & paypal sends the IPN to your site a new subscription is setup & the site should automatically be re-opened again. however, without knowing what the initial problem is with payment, i’m not sure. either way though, the user may need to just renew subscription. & cancel the old 1 (in their paypal account)

    hope this helps

  • Christopher
    • The Bug Hunter

    There are a lot of posts on the PayPal forums about this going back until 2010. I have had a couple instances of it happening. However the most recent was discovered to be a debit card error on the users end. I will continue to monitor this and see if It continues to occur. Thanks

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