PayPal Payments Standard settings (Membership plugin)

I'm having some difficulties with the Membership plugin, in PayPal Payments Standard settings. When I tried (in sandbox mode) to subscribe, the Paypal page don't look right Image 3. This is what I have done so fare:

- I have 2 memberships subscription ( 1 for Ladies 1 for Gentlemen) Image 1
- I did all the other setting such as "Access levels" "pricing" and "Pages"...
- Now, to finish the process, I went to set up the PayPal Payments Standard settings (including the IPN).
- Finally when I begin doing subscription test, it not working. My payment page is bizarre and I can't make the payment (I even tried with different paypal account or debit card... nothing!) Image 2

Can you help me to find were my mistake is? Were the problem is coming from? and how to fix it? Image 3

Thank you for your time and your help