Paypal Pro integrated with Events+

I know I know this is sounding like a broken record. But the squeaky wheel gets the grease right?

Having Paypal Pro integrated with Events+ is something that we could really use. Or at least the option to pay with creditcard without signing up for a paypal account. Sometimes you get that option but now with Events plus.

@vladislav said it’s difficult for him to develop that because Paypal is not authorized in his country.

Surely someone at WMPU can team up with Vladislav to make this happen. Can I do a song and dance or something to get another developer to jump in and assist him with this?

In the short term, At the very least I just need the option to pay with a credit card

without the requirement to signup for a paypal account. Client has had several customers walk away from the process at that point already.

This is really the only thing left for me to finish up this clients setup. Can we make this happen?