PayPal sandbox IPN successful, gateway transaction log correct, but subscription not applied


My site isn't successfully applying subscriptions to users once they've completely passed through the paypal sandbox. The payment goes perfectly, for the correct amount with the correct description, but once they're back on the site they stil have no subscription. In the gateway log, completed payments show up with all information complete - username, transaction ID, date, etc.

Additionally weird and possibly related, I can't apply subscriptions from the dashboard, either. When I click 'add' in the user's row under 'subscriptions', I select the one to add, but it doesn't appear. when I return to the member.

It might help to check logs if they exist, but I can't see any in the plugin directory - is there a log somewhere?

I'm really pushing for a launch tonight, so I would very, very much appreciate some prompt assistance here. Thank you for your time!

  • DavidM
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    Hi jetcooper,

    This could be as simple as needing a quick verify and repair of the database tables. Could you take a look at Membership > Repair Membership and go through the verify option first off? A quick repair might just fix this matter too.

    As for the error logs, the following article from the blog should help with that.

    The repair option would be the best first thing to check through here though. Could you let us know how that goes?


  • jetcooper
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    Thanks for the quick response!

    I believe I have it working - it was a combination of updating from an earlier version (I think I was on a version a couple dot releases earlier, from around 3 weeks ago) and running another database repair (which I ran with no luck before the most recent update).

    Not holding my breath, but it looks good right now! I'll post back asap if it starts acting up again.

    Thanks again!

  • faufau
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    Hi friends,

    I have one website having membership plugin and there is paid and free subscription, now i need blog details during registration so i have create code that i have put on free sunscription file code where custom message is printed :
    plugins\membership\membershipincludes\plugins\gateway.freesubscriptions file but i can't get the code for paypal express on gateway.paypalexpress.php file i think there is ipn setting done so where can i put that create blog code in 2nd file?

    in 1st file i have put code below this code: $content .= stripslashes($message);
    but where can i put in 2nd one file? or is it any way where io put the code after successful payment is done..?

    can ipn support on sandbox tesing mode? and i check it?

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