Paypal Sandbox mode returns error

When I have the paypal settings in PPV set to Live, I can click through and get a paypal express checkout page (I don't want to complete the purchase in live mode). When I change "Live" to "Sandbox" I get the following error:

There was a problem connecting to PayPal to setup your purchase. Please try again.
10002 – Security error – Security header is not valid

Do I need separate credentials when in Sandbox mode? If so, it's not clear within the plugin. I want to be able to execute the entire purchase in sandbox mode so I can verify that when I return to the page I can view the video course and other page content.

Also the link to "instructions" for getting API credentials leads to a page that no longer tells you how to do this (when I installed the plugin, this worked, and I had my client follow the instructions and send me the resulting info). I think Paypal changed things in the last month or so. So the documentation within the plugin is a little out of date.

  • tinymachine

    I created an account at for my own direct sandbox access and added both buyer and seller test accounts. After adding in my own sandbox seller credentials the "Sandbox" mode does work. It's just not clear that you have to provide your own credentials when in Sandbox mode as well as live.

    So I'd like to put in a request for better documentation in the Paypal settings regarding: 1) Sandbox mode and 2) IPN setting and 3) API credentials

    especially since I do believe Paypal has moved around, if not outright changed, some of the information in the last month, making it hard to figure out how to set this up correctly.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there, tm. and welcome to the WPMUdev Support Forums!

    Sounds like you've answered your own question. Great news! And thanks for sharing so others will have the benefit of your learning.

    If you're all good on this issue, then, I'll just mark this as resolved. I'll also move it to the Feature Suggestions area so the developer can have a look. Please feel free to reopen if we missed something.


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