Paypal Sandbox + Payment Suggestions


I have a problem with Pro Sites payment when I choose Paypal in "sandbox mode" and then switch it into "live mode". I've been struggling with this since version 3.4.1, tried every tutorial and previous help on your Support Page but nothing solve it. I even thought it was maybe a typing error but it wasn't.

Please, I need some extra support here.

Apart from that, I want to give you a great advice for future updates. Give admins more freedom when it comes to choose the kind of payment. For example, I wanted to give a 7 days free period + after the trial period ends a single payment amount + to renew each new year another payment method. I know Optimize Members can do that, but that plugin is not what I need because in the backend isn't compared with Pro Sites, but gives more freedom when it comes to pay.

Hope you help me with my sandbox - live problem.