Paypal solo versus Paypal Express - User does not go to paypal to upgrade but system registers an up

I have a test member. This member is on an annual plan. Her gateway is paypal solo.

She decides today (with 6 months left on her current annual membership) to upgrade to a life member.

She goes to the renew/upgrade form. She clicks upgrade. She does not go to paypal. The page that displays shows her as now having a Lifetime membership, but no money was exchanged.

What just happened? Why did she not have to pay? Will the transaction go through AFTER the first membership expires?

She now has full access to the site, without a dollar exchanging hands. This is troublesome.

If that member's gateway was Paypal express, when she clicked to renew it DID send her to paypal to pay.

Is this a bug?

  • Shelly Haffly

    I have approximately 700 current members. I am manually adding them to the system because they are already members of ours. So ALL current members have the default gateway of ADMIN because I'm manually adding them.

    If I change that gateway to paypalexpress (manually) the system will work. They choose to RENEW and it forces them to go buy the renewal.

    If I change that gateway to paypal solo (manually) the system does not work. They choose to UPGRADE and it just upgrades them without payment.

    I've only manually added 100 members. I need to get the kinks worked out and money exchanging hands at upgrade/renewal prior to adding all 700 members.

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