PayPal Standard

I've searched the forum and I can't believe nobody else seems to have used PayPal Standard?

So can I use PayPal Standard as I have forever, although with other plugins?

Is my only choice PayPal Express?

Does that mean I lose the advantage of allowing a customer to pay via credit card or PayaPal.

I guess I assumed that every eCart vendor handles the basics?



  • truegold
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    Hey Eric,

    I am setting up MarketPlace and there is no option as one of the Payment gateways. I will then setup my products which are physical and digital albums. Plus we pre-sell tickets to our shows.

    Previously I used eStore and setting it up was a breeze. It had PayPal Standard and Amazon S3. But I had the issue that they couldn't resolve and they told me to look elsewhere.

    If my only option is PayPal Express I will have to continue looking elsewhere. (I used to get complaints from customers when they were forced to have a PayPal account).


  • Mason
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    Hiya John,

    At the moment PayPal Express and the PayPal chained gateways (for multisite) are the only options we have available for using PayPal. You could also use Google Checkout - I don't believe they require an account.

    We, somewhat surprisingly, haven't had a lot of requests for PayPal standard at this point.


  • truegold
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    All I can tell you is what has happened to me over the years. I've been offering website marketing for many years. Probably going back to mid 90's. But they weren't WordPress sites.

    Started with WP this years because of the music label. Seem to make sense. All the previous eCarts I've used or reviewed had PayPal Standard as, well their standard feature. So it didn't occur to me that this would not be the baseline.

    Anyway I didn't look closely enough at your product page or I would've saw that. Sigh.

    I'm bummed because I really like what you guys are trying to do. But my immediate needs have to win out at this time.

    I've know a lot of people why despise PayPal but tolerate using it because they can pay by their credit card instead. For me it's no big deal as I also had a PayPal account since the early days.

    Thanks for your questions.


  • eagle1
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    I would certainly like to add my voice to the cry for PayPal Standard. Not everyone can qualify for an Express Pro account! I'm very disappointed to get so far into the install/integration only to find out I've wasted a ton of time because my Paypal Standard account won't work! Major oversight, IMHO!

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