PayPal suspended payments still getting free access

We have an issue where after 1 failed payment in PayPal the user's payment is being suspended on PayPal (so it does not attempt to charge them again), but the website is oblivious to this and is still giving them free access.

This has happened to hundreds of users so we're essentially losing revenue here, we need this fixed ASAP.

I'm using version of Membership, the reason I've not updated yet is because there were some very big problems updating, which I have spoken to Eugene about, I need to know if this is fixed in the newest version or if it still a problem, and what I can do about it.

  • aristath

    Hello there @Shaun,
    This is the full changelog from the version you're having to the current, version:
    * Fixed issue with DB repair tool and subscriptions ordering column

    * Fixed BuddyPress pages protection issue
    * Fixed upgrade and initial installation issues
    * Fixed communication emails sending issue
    * Fixed communication message subscription plan selection
    * Fixed unexpected URL exclusion which leads to unexpected issues
    * Fixed issue with not loaded custom templates for membership pages
    * Fixed bug with wrongly added memberhsip pages to a query
    * Fixed ability to access account page by unlogged users
    * Fixed issue with left user information in the membership relationships table after user has been deleted
    * Fixed issue with popup registration form when email address was not determined
    * Fixed issue with not required invite code at BuddyPress registration page
    * Fixed issue with invite codes which appears after each BuddyPress fields
    * Fixed issue with not redirected page after 100% discount coupon was applied
    * Fixed issue with empty page appeared after redirection to protected page
    * Fixed issue with coupon used count incrementation when 100% discount coupon is used
    * Fixed issue with broken subscription URLs at registration form when ?id= permalink is used
    * Implemented ability to test rules in an URL group
    * Implemented ability to sort subscription plans at front end
    * Implemented deletion of the "user registration" subscription after first regular subscription is selected
    * Implemented ability to grant user capability to view all content pages
    * Reworked protection rules
    * Reworked BuddyPress protection rules

    * Fixed URL Groups match issues
    * Fixed issue with not removed invite codes when an option "Remove Code once used" is set to yes
    * Fixed issue with broken links to levels and plans at membership dashboard (network wide)
    * Fixed warnings and notices in level and subscription text widgets
    * Fixed warnings and notices in login widget
    * Fixed rendering issue with login widget and made it rendering as widget
    * Fixed bug with infinite loop which appears if subscription period is set inappropriate
    * Fixed issue with invalid redirect after enter a coupon code
    * Implemented ability to add a title and "lost password" link to the login widget

    From what I can see, this issue you're describing is not included in these, so I have notified the plugin developer about it. He should be here shortly and hopefully shed some light on this.
    Please keep in mind though that plugin developers have a lot of responsibilities so this might take a bit longer than a normal ticket.


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