Paypal transactions history misses country field

We use the WPMUDev Membership plugin for upgrades. Every few months we analyze our sales by country. We download the transactions history from Paypal, import in Excel and make a pivot table on country.

Today we noticed that the country field in the download is empty. Tracking it down the country field is gone since we upgraded from the free Membership to the Pro version We upgraded in May and exactly on that date the country column went empty.

Where did the country go? Is it a known feature of the Pro version? Did we miss to set an option?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @RouteXL,

    I've gone through the code of both versions of the plugin, both free & pro, I can't find anywhere in the code that relates to the country being submitted to PP. But that's not to say it never did, or whether it should. I haven't ever noticed this myself and it's never been reported as an issue from what i know of.

    Let me just ask one of the developers to see if he can offer any further advice on this for you. Hopefully the developer will respond shortly, but it could take longer than usual depending on his workload.

    Hope this helps

  • Rheinard

    Hi @RouteXL,

    As both @Vaughan and @Hoang Ngo already stated, neither the free or premium version of Membership submits any country information to PayPal.

    It only submits the subscription information, amount, duration and currency. The user's country information is not recorded anywhere for a member. Once a user gets redirected to PayPal, PayPal takes over. This is because its PayPal's responsibility to make sure that they need to comply with local legislation of their users (buyers and sellers).

    To investigate this issue further, I dowloaded the PayPal history from a personal business account. In the PayPal download steps there was a box to configure any fields I want included in the report. I selected all the fields to see what information PayPal gives me.

    Just like you said, the Country field is empty. The only information that shows up for me are the transactions where I have made a purchase. Non of the transactions where I receive money has anything in the Country field. This highlights to me that the issue may be on the PayPal side as a number of these transactions didn't come from Membership.

    I will send a support request to PayPal to check this. You might want to do the same.


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