Paypal with email or with IPN

Hi, all.

In general, in Paypal, we have several ways to setup a payment gateway.
I would like to hear what would be the better way.

i.e. in membership pro, we have available setting up Paypal with email or with IPN

The case should be that recurring payments should be possible. That customers have to verify that recurring payment is actually no problem and perhaps even good, as they themselves have to give their OK for another payment before they get fined for late payments because they did not cancel early enough i.e. one month before - like it is very usual in Germany by Hosting providers etc.

Setting up IPN is always a headache and a big one when doing it with lots of sites and lots of plugins. On the other hand, the wp mu dev plugin pro sites does not provide the way to set it up using the email address. It looks as there is an inconsistency inside all those wp mu dev plugins provide PayPal gateway setups.

What are your experiences and what would you recommend, what are your solutions to handle multiple sites and multiple plugins.

Thanks in advance



    Hi Andi,

    in membership pro, we have available setting up Paypal with email or with IPN. The case should be that recurring payments should be possible

    For handling recurring payments with Membership 2 Pro, you should be using the "PayPal Standard Gateway". This advanced PayPal gateway will handle all payment types, including trial periods and recurring payments. In order for Membership 2 to function correctly, you must setup an IPN listening URL with PayPal. Make sure to complete this step, otherwise, Membership 2 Pro is not notified when a member cancels their subscription. So setting up IPN is really important.

    On the other hand, when you use Pro Sites the IPN URL is different. So when a plugin requires an IPN to be configured, I'm afraid you will need to do that with that plugin's required IPN URL to make that plugin functioning properly.

    Different plugins use different approaches to connect to PayPal depending on the requirements of those plugins. Membership 2 Pro and Pro Sites are two completely different plugins with completely different architecture. That's why the inconsistency occurs. But once you set up PayPal for Membership 2 Pro and Pro Sites, I don't think you will need to touch that again until you are changing your PayPal account on your sites.

    As different plugins use different IPN URLs for tracking different things, I don't think there is an easy way to setup one IPN URL for all plugins with all purposes and different type of payment notifications.

    I believe, these will help you to understand the situation. Please let us know if you still have any confusion. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!


    Thanks Rupok

    This is an actually a major mess on payment gateways as I would call it.
    It is all WPMUDEV
    The approach for the IPN is always the same
    only ONE IPN can be setup
    only one Paypal Account is allowed per company
    WPMUDEV provides MULTISITES which communicates i.e. also with WHMCS - which means already 2 different systems and 2 IPNs.
    now take membership2 and prosites and marketpress - as the major players for payments made by wpmudev.

    It is really NOT good that they use complete different approaches.
    The tracking is actually ALWAYS the same, no matter if it is a product or a service or whatshowever. ...

    In other words
    Prosites payment gateway could disable its functionality and use instead the one of Marketpress

    The same membership Pro could do

    Why MarketPress
    Well Coursepress and other plugins already use that option and work together with Marketpress.

    If that would be the case then on ANY Multisite which is using subfolders even ONE IPN for multiple sites would be possible. A Great way to calculate i.e. commissions on sales.

    The current state is a real chaos as I see it as Paypal allows only to setup 8 email addresses i.e. managed by the octa script or another broadcaster script.

    your major email for paypal

    The possibilities vanish away like Ice in hot sun!

    So please talk to your developers and make ONE payment Gateway - perhaps even make it a separate one which includes the IPN broadcast scripts so that Marketpress, Membership2, prosites etc and all others are using this single Payment Gateway with one IPN and one Company Paypal account.