paypalxpress no upgrades available

Upgrade Path issues…

I have four access levels setup.

visitor – free – paid1 -paid2

I have 3 subscription plans

free – paid1 – paid2

I have one payment gateway setup paypalexpress

I had previously added users as free users with both the free gateway and the paypal gateway active which resulted in the users being assigned to the “admin” gateway in the membership admin panel… I have since deactivated the free gateway so only the pp express gateway is active.

Here’s the issue.

If I login as a free user with the admin gateway active I can view my subscriptions and am given the option to upgrade see attached image BUT THERE IS NO UPGRADE BUTTON.

If I login as a free user with the pp xpress gateway active I am given NO upgrade options. See attached image.

How are free users supposed to upgrade to paid users?