PayPerView plug in

I have 2 different pages that I want to charge separately for. I want the content to be available to the buyer for 7 days so I have the “Cookie validity time” set at 168 hours. What is the max I can set this setting at and will they be able to access the content over the entire 7 days regardless of reboots? What is the trigger that expires the cookie?

The reason, I’m not using the “Daily Pass” option is 2 fold. 1) I would rather my users not have to login to a twitter or facebook account if they don’t need to. 2) I don’t see an option to set the price for “Daily Pass” at the page level of wordpress. This could be due to the fact that I have not set-up at “facebook app ID”, “Twitter Consumer Key”, or “Twitter Consumer Secret”. Once I have set those up, will I be able to set the price at the page level?

Thanks in advance,

Curtis Marshall