PayPerView theme integration, Subscription not working

Hey there.
Basically I'm trying to integrate Pay Per View into the theme. We have a specific type of custom post (called Visual) which we want to share with a subscription ($0.99 per month to access everything). I used the integration instruction within the plugin.

Basically it works ok with single payments but with subscriptions; after the user subscribes via Paypal they reach the singe post page with still the button only to subscribe again. the video isn't present. I looked at the source and saw:
a) - there was cookie script being loaded via the plugin
b) - there was a hidden login link

Will users need to have an account (within the site itself) for subscriptions to work?

Please advise me on the best course of action.
I have included here the partial (as .txt) I use to render the PPW function and hidden video HTML.


The theme I am using in this case is Themify Music.