PCI DSS Compliance for MarketPress


I understand there are new PCI DSS requirements that apply to Level 4 merchants (under 20,000 transactions). I note that some other WordPress shopping carts are advertising that they are PCI DSS Complaint (see http://shopplugin.net/updates/2-years-of-wordpress-shopp/).

I did some brief research on some guidelines. See https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/approved_companies_providers/validated_payment_applications.php?agree=true# and http://www.securingabusiness.com/is-your-shopping-cart-software-putting-your-family-and-home-at-risk/.

1. Is MarketPress PCI or PCI DSS compliant?
2. Do you plan to get a PCI Compliance Certificate for Marketpress?
3. What steps should I take to ensure that MarketPress is PCI Compliant?
4. Could I combine another PCI compliant shopping cart with Marketpress (so I can use the multisite/vendor marketplace features) to make MarketPress PCI compliant?