Peeling off a subsite by itself from multisite (MS) network AND migrating MS network to a new host.

Hi folks:

Well, I was wondering who is most likely to win a battle between superman vs. superwoman? Just breaking the mold a bit there for ya . . . smile.

Anyway . . .

I was wondering if there are some link or good discussions covering the following:

1. A step by step guide to peeling of a subsite from MS (either to move to another multisite WP network OR just moving it to a standalone site install). Some reasons would be if one wants to sell a site off, make it a standalone, move it to a different host, it takes off and needs to be on a dedicated server, etc etc etc.

1a: Peeling off to move to another MS network.
1b: Peeling off to move it to a standalone WP install (either the same host or a new one . . . say a "buyers" host company for example).

2. Migration of a entire MS network from one host to another completely (entire network).

If their are no good ones, then any info would be great you have time to share.

If not, perhaps these things could be put in the list for a Author to write about (who may be so inclined and experience enough to know the "nitty gritty" details of doing it without a hitch).