Per Blog User Registration

Is there a plugin that allows users to sign up for each individual blog as well as the main blog. That way owners of each blog can manage their own users. I have come across this plugin

However it doesn't appear to work with 2.7

  • drmike

    That way owners of each blog can manage their own users.

    I'm a bit lost with what you're asking because that's the current system. Blog Admin can add in who they want and assign what level of access each user gets.

    If you want them to join specific blogs at specific levels when they create their account, that's fairly easy to do:

    Does that help?


  • leodore

    Hey Dr Mike,
    I understand that you can manually assign users to each blog, however is there an automated way that would allow a member to choose which blogs they wanted to be members of when they sign up? This would be way easier and far more practical than an admin having to manually enter people every time they wanted a new user to become a member of their site.

    if you only have 20 blogs and each has 20 members... That is doable but a waste of time... If there were 20,000 blogs and they all have 20 members then it starts becoming a little impractical :slight_smile:

    The reason I am asking is because eventually somewhere down the line I would like to be able to create plugins that would assist blog owners to manage their contacts (a kind of crm plugin)but this would only be possible if members were assigned to a particular blog.