Per Michelle's request not to use Rasmus's thread - Membership2 Pro Problem

Seriously Michelle?

What I am telling you about is after I "auto-updated" the Membership Pro to Membership2 Pro. The Content Protection will be DISABLED at first.

Is this every members who is using membership pro plugin wants to see? I don't think so. Why you guys didn't see this coming? You guys are smarter than us for sure right? At least I can't do these coding myself like forever!

There is no option for us to keep M1 working while setting up M2.

Yes, I can always use M1 forever but we all know the fact you guys will stop updating M1 because the release of M2. So for the fact I will still have to move on. So that is also why I spent at least 5 hours now testing this M2 plugin.

This is so UNFAIR the way you replied in!

Yes my WPMU membership will be expired today so I am very sure I will not pay for next month and keep my M1 working until maybe Wordpress upgraded again and the plugin not supported.

I can see everyone is frustrated! Isn't this ticket is for? Hmmmmmmmm!

  • Michelle Shull

    Hello, Editor SPECs.

    Yes. I was serious. Rasmus gets a notification every time someone replies to a thread he started. It's simpler to help people with individual issues in individual threads, so we can provide everyone with as much help as we can. I am personally very sorry that you find this offensive and unfair. I think I've tried to help you quite a bit in several threads.

    Thanks for your valuable feedback here. I'm sorry you feel I am not smart enough to do my job.

    Here's what you need to do to import your M1 settings into M2:
    Make sure the dashboard plugin is installed and using the most recent version.
    Install M2 from the WPMU DEV dashboard.
    When you activate M2, you'll be prompted to run the import tool. Do so, and your Membership Pro (M1) settings will be imported. You will still need to add content protection, but your subscriptions, your memberships, and your members will be successfully imported. You may need to do some work to remove Membership shortcodes, which we worked through in a different thread, if I recall correctly.

    If you are still testing M2 in your staging environment, as you mentioned in the other thread, I meant you can keep M1 active on your live production site until you're ready to make the switch. I should have been much more specific there, so sorry. Testing on a staging environment is very smart, especially when there's a change as dramatic as this one. We test extensively, but we can not replicate every possible environment our members will have.

    You take care.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey Patrick!

    There's an update that's just a few minutes old, it should fix you right up. :slight_smile: Here's the changelog:

    - Add better error handling to the upgrade routine
    - Fix a major bug in the automatic import wizard that prevented the plugin from importing old Membership data
    - Fix wrong redirect during setup wizard that ended in "Not allowed to view page" errors
    - Fix some typos in admin pages
    - Fix the protection rule for "Friendship Request" in the BuddyPress Add-on
    - Fix a bug in the Coupons Add-on that discarded changes instead of saving them
    - Rename page "Protected Content" to "Protection Rules"

    Thanks for your reporting here.

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