Performance impact of Ultimate Branding

I had my site slow to a halt today when the memory footprint of PHP went crazy. So I've been checking out the impact of the different plugins running, and the one with the biggest impact according to P3 Plugin Profiler is Ultimate Branding.

I turned off all plugins, then activated some (Multidomains, BuddyPress, WPMU Dash, Ultimate Branding, bbPress, AntiSplog, Domain mapping, BP Activity Plus) and with P3, Ultimate Branding was taking about 65% of the load time of all the plugins.

Now I've got about 30 plugins installed, I tried again, and it was using about 35%. Turning off Network Wide Text Change has brought this down to about 8%, which sounds about right because it's filtering everything. I had four entries.

But now I'm stuck with 'Howdy,' at the top again. I can't justify nearly 30% speed reduction to lose it, is there another way? I guess I should just edit the PHP.

Anyone else got the same problems with performance?

  • aecnu

    Greetings xootom,

    The issue is the host from what I can tell and I traced you to rack space and among others to include rack space they have been fleeing them like a sinking ship.

    P3 is not an accurate measurement by any means but does help as a guideline though it may show 30% but of what - available resources.

    There is a new hosting power house in the world that is finally getting the recognition that it deserves.

    But lets first start with the most common reason for a slow site or computer for that matter - not enough RAM or PHP RAM in this case.

    Please install the WP-Memory-Usage plugin and lets see what is really going on there.

    How much RAM are you using and how much is available to WordPress?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Techtomic

    Hi Joe,

    I don't think the slow problem I had earlier in the day was related to this, something snowballed and left me with PHP that was going crazy, so I restored from backup and wanted to take things easy to understand the memory and page load time impacts of different plugins.

    It was while doing some benchmarking when I noticed that P3 found Ultimate Branding specifically was having a massive % impact on page load times.

    I was testing using a 512MB RAM cloud server image, and to stop other people interfering while I tested, I firewalled off all IPs except my own.

    I then set php to use max clients 1, so there was only one process, with memory limit 128M. MySQL sat there using 150M. It didn't start swapping.

    I started with WordPress/multidomains/memory viewer, which used 14M on normal page load, with page load time 0.3 seconds. As I added plugins one by one, I finally got to 56M max usage with 30 plugins installed, including the biggies like Buddypress, bbPress, NextGEN Gallery, MarketPress, etc. Page load times at this point around 1 second (approx 280 sql queries to build the page if I remember correctly).

    Most things added 0.3M or so to PHP, with the biggies above adding maximum 8M (MarketPress).

    All seemed fine and in proportion to their complexity, except for running P3 a few times along the way, which just profiles each plugin's page load time against each other. This is when I noticed Ultimate Branding (mainly Global Text Change) having a big % impact on page load times, so wondered if this was normal.

    Cheers, Tom.

  • aecnu

    Greetings xootom,

    I do not have a lot to input here at this point as you have concentrated on specifics of a single installation, micro management and I am looking at an entire server and performance thereof.

    With the facts of the matter out of the big picture for one we use 16GB of RAM and our php memory is set at 512MB.

    having a big % impact on page load times

    I tested this today and it had no impact on page load times that I could detect, but of course we are not talking apples to apples - when those dual quad core Xeons come smashing down on the processes it says uncle real fast ... lol

    To answer the only specific question I could find in your last post, I would have to say it was/is normal for this plugin.

    When compared to performance hosting the 8MB is 1/64th - hardly a dent in the availability of resources.

    Do you have any other specific questions before I close this ticket that I may possibly help you with?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings Tom.

    Thank you for letting me know and hopefully you will indeed find the performance that you are hoping to achieve.

    It is indeed true that unlike most hosts, to include MySQL and such, I have tweaked the servers to run WordPress like a bat out of he double hockey sticks ... lol

    It was intended to make our hosting some of the best, if not the best, performance hosting in the world with or without WordPress.

    And from what I am hearing indeed it is.

    Cheers, Joe

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