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A few questions about controlling users' permalink settings:

1) I know you have a plugin that hides the Permalinks menu item. But, before doing this, is there a way to set the desired permalink setting that all sub-sites will inherit? Can I use the New Blog Template plugin for this? (I mean, is that one of the settings that is inherited?)

2) Or is there a reason to give users control over their permalinks. I know that different people have different opinions on permalinks for SEO, etc., so they might not like any restrictions.

3) If we do set permalinks for everyone, which setting is recommended?



  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi there Mark,

    Thanks to your inquiry I now know that New Blog Templates does indeed store the permalinks settings. So you could potentially set the permalinks, activate the Remove Permalinks Menu Item plugin and any blog you create using that as a template will have some pretty permalinks that the user won't be able to change.

    I always use /%postname%/ for permalinks but everyone has their preference. You could also consider deactivating the permalinks plugin on a user request basis, assuming it's not network activated.

    So far as advice, anyone else have any thoughts on permalink settings?


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