Permalink fix for 3.1 etc

There is an interesting core fix to the permalink problem at Since for example MarketPress require Permalinks to be enabled, has anyone looked at this fix to see whether it clashes with MP or indeed any of the WPMU plugins.


  • Loggy

    Not sure about custom posts David - I am fairly new to WP and just getting my head round all the permutations of posts, plugins and stuff! ISTM that 3.1 permalinks in particular were not fully tested before it was released so users are left in a bit of a dilemma. 3.1.1 also doesn't fix this particular issue according to the wpcodesnippets commentary.

    The problem is that a number of plugins - not just WPMUDEV ones - require permalinks to be set (for some reason that I don't understand) and I am therefore rather surprised that the problem wasn't seen by the plugin authors. Ideally users need stability and patching either has to be rapidly incorporated into the mainstream system or the main system has to be rewritten in that area if the patch is not complete.

    The alternative is to modify plugins so they don't need to use permalinks. I guess the former is the 'correct' solution - it is certainly less overall effort - but that depends on the core authors whereas a number of plugins are actually commercial and there is some incentive and possibly funding to do that!

    I don't know how seriously WP/Automattic take this particular problem.

  • DavidM

    From what I see in the following thread, it seems it's been taken seriously.

    And as I said, I'm glad you mentioned it because I was completely unaffected by this one, having numerous test sites that didn't exhibit the issue. But obviously others have and I think a few folks around here may have been subject to it without having realized it.

    On the note of MarketPress though, I believe it'll be safe from this one as it uses custom post types and taxonomies, whereas this particular issue appears to only affect regular posts and their relevant categories and tags.

    These types of things do happen though, as is mentioned in the thread I just linked to. Developers can't possibly account for every single use case out there so I think the key is to resolve the issues as quickly as possible once found.