Permalinks and Template Software Tip

After scratching my head, searching these forums and testing a few things out I noticed that some template design software packages do not fully support permalinks.

This is a big cause for the permalinks option/addon not to work in AutoBlog.

I was using Artisteer (I bought it years ago when better packages weren't really available/affordable). This still continues not to fully support permalink structures (in v4).

I have done a quick test with TemplateToaster (the new beta anyway) and this does fully support it and also has many other features (HTML5, Responsive Layouts, etc).

I just thought I would share this for those that are using packages like Artisteer and are having trouble with permalinks in addons such as AutoBlog.


  • Ez
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi there.

    I been working with Artisteer 3 and 4 and never had any issues with Permanlinks at all. Even using the plugin "mingle" that use exactly the same permanlinks in my case the e-commerce plugin running on Artisteer 4 theme for the past 6 months and never had any issues.

  • PiOfCube
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Ezra.

    Yeah, some people are not experiencing the broken permalinks issue with Artisteer 4 and some are. I've noticed this issue come and go as they update the software then fix it again (though, this might be coincidence).

    One thing I do know for certain though is my copy of Artisteer 4 does not display permalinks in posts when using AutoBlog. As soon as I change to a template created in TemplateToaster, remove the posts and then re-run AutoBlog on the same feed, the permalinks work correctly.

    So, as it seems to be a little hit-and-miss for some, I would consider it "not fully supported".

    If anyone is using AutoBlog and Artisteer, and experiencing problems with permalinks, it's a good place to start looking to see if that's the problem.

    Hope that explains my experience better. :slight_smile:


  • PiOfCube
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Good to know Ezra. If anyone is having problems with Artisteer then applying the update might be the best way to go first.

    Should prove helpful. :slight_smile:

    One thing that should be noted (because I've just done this with my copy). If you are updating your installation of Artisteer, please make sure you are eligible for updates/bug fixes. I forgot about their policy with regards to this so the update un-installed my previous version and installed the new one. However, this has caused my copy to become the trial version.

    So, I can either pay for the software again or re-install 4.0 (if I have a copy of that package on my backups).

    Just a heads-up in case anyone else would be affected by that.

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