Permalinks custom not holding in Multisite


I set up a new multisite blog last night. At least, I think it is set up properly. I can add subdomains, plugins, post, pages, imagse, etc.

Last night, I set the godaddy DNS to forward a domain to a subdomain that MarketPress is installed. To test, I added a "trial offer" product. It shows and can be added to the cart. However, everything is still pointing to rather than (that is forwarding properly).

Going into settings > permalinks
Regardless of how many times I try to save to:


The structure is saved as:

Obviously I don't want that subdomain in the permalink structure.

Any suggestions?

To help diagnose:
Site URL:

You will quickly see that links showing in the browser are for ....

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    I'm re-tagging this as a domain mapping issue. it's happening to every link on your site - not just the marketpress related ones.

    How do you have domain mapping setup? Are you using our domain mapping plugin here?

    We'll help ya get it sorted.


  • LPH
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    I asked in another thread how to set the domain mapping plugin because I couldn't get the mapping to work: especially the last set of instructions just leave me hanging.

    If you want to redirect a domain you will need to add a DNS "A" record pointing at the IP address of this server:

    Now, I called GoDaddy and they simply said (4 different people) - use the forward - and so that is how the site is done. I didn't fill anything into the domain mapping area because when I do fill it in then the site fails to load.

    The instructions are unclear because of the words "this" and "that" ... it'll need to be more specific.

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